A Penny for Your Skirt

Hi to all! I know you’re wondering “what in the world?” A penny for your skirt?

I did pay a penny for this skirt! Sounds crazy! I thought the same thing, so here’s the story behind the skirt.

Well, at the end of the summer I decided I wanted a khaki skirt with a ruffle. I had a black one that I wore last year here. I’d gotten a lot of wear out of that skirt through the year. And I was looking for something similar, but in a neutral khaki color. It was on my list of items to add to my wardrobe. It wasn’t a necessity, but if I found it, great! And if I didn’t, that was fine too. Most of the time when I’d find something close to what I was looking for, it wasn’t in my size or the fabric wasn’t what I was looking for.

It was another errand day with my granddaughter, Frankie Rae. We had stopped into Nordstrom Rack for a few items. I always check the sale racks , because you never know what you’ll find. There amongst the sale items was this khaki skirt. Frankie told me she liked the ruffle down the front. The girl has style. I grabbed it and ran to try it on hoping it would fit. The skirt fit me perfectly. I was so happy, and it was only $19.99.


We headed to check out. It’s always fun to listen to Frankie ask about all the items that are around you at the check out area. Candy, makeup, candles (we smell a lot of them) they know how to make Momma’s and Mimi’s nutty with all those little items.

We stepped up to pay, and the sweet lady that waited on me, said “this is your lucky day! Guess how much you got this skirt for?” I thought and said “$9.99”, which would have been a great deal. She said “nope, it’s a penny!” I even asked “are you sure?” She went on to explain if it gets missed in markdowns several times, that’s how it gets priced. I’ll never miss out on glancing through the sale items again, because I can honestly say I’ve never paid a penny for any skirt I own.

Who would have thought?

This time of year does have me thinking about how grateful I am. I don’t have it all together, and yes, I scramble to try and make the holidays fun. I stress out and want everything perfect. And it’s not! I think there is a lot of pressure put on many during this time of year. For me, I just try to remember what I’m thankful and grateful for, and that puts me in a better mindset. I’m extremely humbled by so many things in my life. It’s not about what you don’t have, but what you do. To be surrounded by loved ones, friends and family and enjoy every minute is what is most important to me and is my wish for you.


Photographer/Chloe Enos

Skirt/similar here and here

Sweater/Color Block Sweater/H&M

Hat/similar here/Nordstrom

Booties/similar here

Satchel Bag/similar here/Macy’s

Rose Gold Earrings/Uncommon James/Nordstrom

Lipstick/Bobbi Brown/Sephora

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