A Cool Collar To Brighten Up Your Blues

Do you have the blues? The blues, as in a fabulous blue blazer and a pair of cropped wide leg blue jeans? These older pieces have been with me for a while. I just added a new blouse with an interesting collar and look how it spices this outfit up.

Old and new, classic and trendy

How do you make it work?

Mixing old and new has been something I’ve done for a very long time. There were times when money was tight when the kids were younger, so I did thrift from time to time. The years have passed, and I’ve done my best to purchase and invest in classic pieces and some trendy pieces too. Trends will rotate in and out if you live long enough. Tie-dye, neon colors and big ruffle collars like the one in today’s look. I’ve worn it all before, earlier in my life. But now, instead of shopping in a thrift store, I shop my closet, because that’s what you can do when you have invested in well made garments. They stand the test of time.

This blue blazer I’ve had for many years. I’d like to find a nice wool blazer for the cooler months. Although this blazer is made with a medium weight fabric, it works perfectly for year round wear. As it gets cooler, I would add a long wool camel coat over this. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t purchased a wool blazer, because we don’t have the extreme cold weather here in Georgia. I’m plenty warm when I add a longer coat or even a trench style coat over this look. I also like the texture it creates with the multiple layers.

The denim I’ve worn summer and winter, and this cropped wide leg transitions well through all seasons. What you choose to wear as far as a shoe is what makes this denim a great style for year round wear. I wore booties here but change them out for taller boots as the temps drop and winter rolls in. In the spring a loafer with a cute pair of ankle socks, and summer could be a pair of scrappy sandals or as casual as a pair of flipflops.

I think you get the idea, try out multiple things. Nothing is ever wrong, and that’s what is freeing about getting dressed these days. You should wear what makes you feel good!

I love this quote: “Always dress like it’s the best day of your life!”

The blouse is new, but inexpensive. It is listed below, and I purchased it to wear with sweater vests this season and the over sized cardigan or “Grandpa Cardigan” as they are being called now. These are both big trends this fall/winter season. I will tell you I have worn these big collared blouses when my kids were very young. Laura Ashley was very big, and prairie dresses were coming out. My daughter loathes the fact that I dressed all the kids and myself in matching outfits for pictures. I wore a jumper, and under the jumper I wore a blouse with quite a large collar, just like the one I’m wearing today. I’m laughing, because I didn’t keep the blouse with the big collar from back then. And now I kinda wished I had. My kids were elated when I stopped dressing them alike for pictures.

As I walked out the door I decided I wanted to wear a bright lip. I picked this pretty shade of a red. I think it did the trick and added that pop of color I wanted.

I’m happy that living life to the fullest doesn’t require a certain dress code.


Blazer/similar here and here


Wide Leg Cropped Denim/similar here , here and here

Booties/similar here, here and here


Large Tote/here

Red Lipstick/here

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